Tax Handouts

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Homeowners – What You Need to Know About Taxes

Mortgage Interest Paid

Early Retirement Distributions – Beware!!!

Why Should I Pay a Pro To Do My Taxes?

HELP! What Do I Do If I Receive an IRS/FTB Notice?

Congratulations! Newlyweds Tax Tips

Families with Children – Tax Aspects

IRA’s – Types and Understanding Them

Social Security Benefits – Are They Taxable?

Can I Deduct My Vehicle for Business?

Household Employees – Nanny Tax

Divorce & Taxes

What is My Filing Status?

Standard Deduction vs Itemized Deductions

Gambling Log (also see article on main page)

Recordkeeping for Tax Purposes

Business Mileage & Expense Log

Starting a Business Information

Business Entity – Pro’s & Con’s

Sale of Residence – What You Need to Know

Business Use of My Home – Tax Issues

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts – Nasty!

Tax Scams – Protect Yourself

Is My Business a Business or a Hobby? It Makes a Difference

W-4 Form – How to Fill Out

Cancellation of Debt May Be Taxable!

Gift Taxes Explained

Estate Planning & Wills

Same Sex Married Couples

Business Owner’s – Don’t Intermingle Funds